Save $20 When You Spend $99.95 or More on Waterproof Shoes,
Including Keen and Dansko!

Rosendahl Foot & Shoe Center
Fall Sale


Enjoy new Keen waterproof boots! Stay warm and dry this season while experiencing Idaho’s great outdoors!


Check out our broad selection that includes top brands like Dansko!


Start your fall season off right with waterproof footwear at Rosendahls. Save $20 When You Spend $99.95 or More on Waterproof Shoes.

Your Feet Don't Have to Hurt

At Rosendahl Foot & Shoe Center, we make custom orthotic inserts right here in Boise, and they're made from individual casts of your feet.
You can't get more custom than that!


When Your Shoes Work as Hard as You Do

We take the time to talk to you and find out about your needs at work and play, and will find the proper pre-made or custom fit that perfectly matches your everyday movements to maximize your comfort.


If You're an Athlete, We Boost Confidence

Participate in sports in greater comfort, and with far less chance of feet, leg, knee, hip or back injuries. We manufacture and stock a variety of foot solutions for the Sunday to the serious athlete.

Diabetic Shoes and Services

Many people with diabetes suffer with some common side effects, including with their feet. Our experts reduce or eliminate any and all pressure points. And we work with doctors to provide the easiest possible process when billing insurance.


For Medical Professionals

Refer your patients to us with confidence. We are a trusted resource in helping your patients, and are a participating Medicare supplier.
Let us come to your practice free of charge and help explain all of the complex Medicare required documentation details.

Visit Us, and Leave with Happy Feet

We are locally owned and operated, with professionally trained Accredited staff. We only offer quality products, with no commissioned sales people some other guys. We offer a higher level of service that solves YOUR unique problem.
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